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1340 Eagles Way Ct

St. Louis Mo. 63042

​Tel: 314-482-6715

"Boys2MenTORRs (B2M) Is the right group of men at the right time. I've had the pleasure of partnering with this dynamic group since their beginning and their commitment to helping and serving the youth is unmatched. Young men need to see the opportunities that are possible for them in life, B2M provides that exposure for them. Every community could benefit from having B2M!"

- Jason Armstrong

Chief of the Ferguson Police Dept.

"Boys2MenTORRs Has been an absolute God send to our community. I have been in law enforcement for 20 yrs and the impact they have made in their short time of existence is nothing less then amazing. I lead by the acronym R.A.P. Responsibility Accountability and ; Productivity, and Productivity, and (B2M checks all the boxes. Keep up the great work!!!"

Capt. Clay Farmer

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